How does zero waste online shopping work?

We’re Original Unverpackt, a small organic supermarket in Berlin. That’s the short story. Read on for the longer version.

We opened Berlin’s first disposable packaging-free supermarket in 2014 and a lot has happened since then. We’ve expanded our range to 600 products and we’ve had visitors from all across Germany and the world. A lot of customers expressed a desire for a shop like this in their hometowns. Whilst shipping groceries across borders is not a sustainable solution, it’s a different story with non-food products that you use over a longer period of time. So we opened an online store to make it possible for as many people as possible to get started with a zero waste life.

How it works and why we’re the more sustainable choice

  • we exclusively use second-hand boxes and padding material for delivery, which means that even the packing materials for our own deliveries is recycled
  • we only sell products from companies whose values we identify with and who we want to support 
  • we use DHL GoGreen for our deliveries, making them as environmentally sustainable as is currently possible

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