Dental care starter set
Dental care starter set

Dental care starter set

€20.00 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Do zero waste and beautiful teeth go together? Many people’s zero waste lifestyle ends at the bathroom out of a fear of tooth decay. To help change that we’ve introduced a zero waste dental care starter set.

Assembled with lots of care and love, this set covers all your dental hygiene needs and provides a zero waste alternative to conventional dental care at an unbeatable price.

Included in the set you will find our Original Unverpackt adult toothbrush, which is both beautiful and biodegradable! Also included are a bamboo toothbrush travel case and dental tooth tablets (a zero waste replacement for toothpaste) in a reusable 22g screw cap container. Our dental floss is made from pure silk lined with beeswax and comes with a refill pack.

Clean and white teeth are made even better by using zero waste products. From dental hygiene to travel needs we’ve thought of everything you need – all you need to do now is to get started.

Our tip: Instead of talking about the transition, just show off your new zero waste bathroom to your friends. It looks much nicer than a pile of plastic goods and might convince them to make the switch too.

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